Franchise Types

We have broken the industry down into six major categories. Each one differs based on investment level, time requirement, and target markets. Below you will learn the basics of each. We’d be happy to talk you through the different franchise types more in depth and help you decide which is best for your desired lifestyle.


Business to business franchises range from very low cost, home-based businesses to store-front operations. One of the advantages of a B2B franchise space is the diversity of products and services investors have the chance to specialize in.


Master franchise and Regional Developer investments offer a franchisee the chance to, essentially, act as a franchisor for a larger region. Domestic and commercial cleaners and fast food restaurants are some of the most common Master opportunities.


Investing in passive franchise opportunities is a great strategy for those looking to build long-term wealth while maintaining lifestyle flexibility and professional autonomy.


Multi-unit franchises are a popular investment option for their scalability and income potential. For investors considering a multi-unit franchise opportunity, your desire for expansion is a good indicator of whether it’s a good investment match.