Business-to-Business Franchises

“With inherent demand, the B2B franchise opportunity allows franchisees to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals in a category that holds the potential for generating strong customer relationships, repeat business, and relative stability.”

Behind every successful business is an army of other businesses delivering the products and services that help it run, thrive and grow. In fact, there are few – if any – businesses that survive without turning to outside vendors to support their efforts. Additionally, there are strong economic reasons for outsourcing certain business functions.
Business to business franchises range from very low cost, home-based businesses to store-front operations. One of the advantages to a B2B franchise space is the diversity of products and services investors have the chance to specialize in. With customers needing the full range of business assets and processes fulfilled – from staffing, to industrial cleaning and maintenance, design services, ink cartridge refill services, recycling, business coaching and more – there’s a good chance that a B2B franchise owner can fill an unmet need within his or her own business community.
A key role of the B2B franchise owner is to build relationships with other business owners, help grow their businesses, and garner their loyalty and positive referrals in the process. The more the franchisee’s product or service enables the customer’s business to grow, the more the franchise will grow in turn.

While any of these businesses can be operated from a conventional office or storefront location, B2B franchises offering a service can be home or conventional office-based. While both are viable options, a distinct benefit to working out of a home office is, of course, lower start-up costs and lower ongoing overhead. Another B2B franchise benefit attractive to many investors is that the franchise’s “OPEN” sign need only be up during the hours customers’ businesses are open. For many B2B franchises, this means operating only during the week and during normal business hours, enabling stronger work-life balance.

One of the most important considerations for B2B franchise ownership is the investor’s personality. A successful B2B franchisee must be very comfortable with networking with other business owners. While general sales experience or confidence in a sales setting is a necessity, it is equally important to have a genuine belief in the value that the product or service delivers to your customer.

B2B franchise ownership can satisfy the franchisee’s desire to build a thriving business and income, while enabling other businesses in the community to thrive, as well. A win-win for the motivated and connected investor.