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6 Service Industries Thriving During This Pandemic

Here are six lower investment and lower overhead industries in franchising that are “pandemic resistant” and will be needed during and after we get through this crisis. Please note that most of these businesses are not looking for someone to “buy themselves a job.” They are looking for professional-minded individuals who can execute on a proven business model and scale a substantial business of their own over time.

1)  Trades Oriented Businesses – Whether it’s Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Roofing, Tree Removal or General Repair and Maintenance, etc. These staple businesses were often overlooked previously for more “glamorous” opportunities are now in high demand.   Needed and essential service franchises should continue to thrive in this economy and beyond.

2)  Senior Services – Whether individuals want to age in place at home or find the best-assisted living facility for their needs, it will be critical to ensure our loved ones are well cared for.  There are many excellent services in this space, and companies that provide our loved ones are healthy, well taken care of, and in a safe, clean environment will be in high demand for our aging population.

3)  Cleaning Services – Wherever we go, we will want to make sure everything we touch is properly sanitized. Companies that focus on disinfecting germs and keeping our places safe and healthy should be extremely busy. Whether it’s people who visit our homes or come to our place of business, we are probably all going to all be a little more sensitive to the cleanliness of our surroundings.

4)  Expense Reduction – Businesses are going to want and need to save money on their expenses. Having professionals come in to analyze and reduce costs allowing companies to focus on their core business, will be needed. The best part is that these types of franchises provide the companies that they service a “win-win” situation for both parties as they only get paid if they save the business owner money.

5)  Pest and Mosquito Control – Even if we can’t have a big party at our house as we social distance, we still want to be comfortable with our families when we go outside. After being “cooped” up all winter, we don’t want to worry about constantly getting bitten by mosquitoes when we are sitting on our decks, eating outside, having cocktails, and playing with our children.  

6)  Restoration Businesses – We all know that you can’t stop “Mother Nature.” Whether it’s mitigating water, fire and smoke damage, or removal and remediation of dangerous mold. We will always need quality companies that will be “on-call” to come and help us restore and rebuild our homes and businesses after disaster strikes.