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Top Franchises for 2019

In 2019 we will continue to see a trend in the service-based business’s inside a storefront. These are “Amazon-proof” due to their large, continual demand. You can’t get your hair cut, have a massage or facial, get your workout or have your nails done by Amazon.

In this area of health & wellness, Boutique Fitness is continuing to climb. Below are a few types of opportunities to watch:

Rowing fitness studios will be opening in a town near you shortly. Rowing is a highly effective low impact workout that is considered one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise.

Stretching studios will also see significant growth in 2019. Stretching is something that everyone needs to do but most people either don’t do or don’t do correctly. Whether you are old, young, an athlete trying to improve performance, a weekend warrior or a couch potato stretching is important to improve flexibility, range of motion, ease joint and muscle pain, and improve relaxation.

Yoga studios, much like nail salons, have been around for a long time but are mostly mom and pop owned. This is the year that franchises will get the spotlight, there are a few yoga franchises poised for significant growth.

Fitness-focused on baby boomers – Most fitness is catered to millennials and Generation X. There is very little focused on the baby boomers many of whom grew up living an active lifestyle and still want/need to exercise.

Women’s beauty services will also continue to succeed this year. Last year, a few new franchise nail salons entered the marketplace. Again, though the nail salon industry has been around for over 30 years and is a 10 billion dollar industry, it is extremely fragmented. There is very little consistency in this industry and you often hear of people having negative experiences due to lack of cleanliness, customer service, and improper instrumentation. You will see tremendous growth with nail franchises focusing on retaining customers.

Children’s services – Whether it’s helping your child succeed in the classroom, improving their athletic performance, providing after-school activities or having quality child care, parents will spend whatever they can to help their children. There are some great options in all of those aforementioned categories that will grow in 2019.

Pet services – Pets are apart of many families and we all want our pets to be happy, comfortable, healthy, and pampered. Franchises in doggie daycare, puppy training, pet supplies, and grooming will continue to have strong margins this year.

Home Services – Society is working longer, harder hours and more than ever values their free time. Furthermore, much like we said earlier regarding service-based business’s in storefronts most of these home services are “Amazon-proof” and recession proof. There will always be a steady demand for plumbing, home repair, and the like.

Many companies in this industry are operated by the tradesman and though they may have the technical skills, they don’t have great business systems in place. In many cases, franchises are run by professionals who are focusing on running the business and hiring the tradesman to do the work. Franchisors will bring strong marketing, business systems, and technology to give the business owner all the tools they need to focus on working on the business vs. working in the business. This means you don’t have to be a professional technician to open one of these businesses!

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Franchise Business Review is a national franchise market research firm that provides the only rankings of franchises based on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance.

Franchise Business Review is a national franchise market research firm that provides the only rankings of franchises based on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance.

We will continue to keep an eye on the franchise landscape and keep you up-to-date on the of the changes and growth. Happy Franchising!

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