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Necessary Action Items for B2B Franchise Owners

Many people love the idea of opening a business-to-business franchise. Often times these individuals are coming from a high-end corporate position and they like the idea of a business that can utilize their corporate experience. They are also accustomed to the lifestyle that includes:

  • Working Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm

  • Dealing with a professional clientele

  • Willing to work from home

  • Smaller marketing spend compared to a B2C (business to consumer franchise)

If you are comfortable with all of this, great! However, there is one more major action item that a B2B franchisees must succeed at in order to build and grow a business. 

Sales and business development.  A franchisor can have a great product or service, provide excellent training and support to its franchisees and even have fantastic sales tools for you to attract customers. But the one thing though that most franchisors cannot and will not be able to provide are the actual customers.

To be successful in a B2B franchise you have to be able to drive business development and sell. Unlike a business-to-consumer business general marketing is not going to drive customers into your office or make your phones ring.

You could hire someone sure, but realistically are you going to be able to afford a superstar salesperson from the start to help grow your business?  You will be competing against other professionals in whatever industry you get buy into. Also, what do you do if your salesperson isn’t bringing in business or decides to leave your company? You shouldn’t rely solely on someone else for the most important aspect of your business, you must be willing to do it yourself.

Business-to-business franchises can be great opportunities, but my advice is if you are going into a B2B business make sure that you do you homework. Are you are willing (and able) to be the person who can drive the sales and customer acquisition of the company?

If this sounds like you, schedule a call with me today and I can give you some great B2B franchise opportunities and advice on how to get started.