Construction & Home Improvement Franchises

“If you’re seeking a stable industry with the promise for long-term and continual growth, set your designs on a home improvement franchise or construction franchise.”

Reliable. Secure. Sturdy. While these are all words that describe the types of homes we want to live in, they also describe what makes owning a construction franchise or home improvement franchise so desirable. These franchises are some of the strongest franchise opportunities available, and the types of businesses within this category are nearly endless.

Construction franchises and home improvement franchises are one of the largest franchise segments in the marketplace and for good reason. In good times and bad, people invest in repairing and improving these refuges and businesses maintain the properties that reflect their brands.

This franchise category includes a range of business types to satisfy those whose passions range from expressing themselves creatively to digging in the ground. 

Window treatment, flooring, kitchen remodeling, and closet and storage design businesses allow franchisees to generate revenue by helping others beautify and organize their lives.

Handyman franchises and those that take care of property owners’ “dirtiest jobs” – think duct and drain cleaning, heating and cooling, water damage cleanup, junk removal, house cleaning and lawn work – are among the most durable because they handle jobs the average home- or business owner would rather outsource.

The would-be homeowner and active home seller are prime opportunities for the construction franchise or home improvement franchise, too. For those selling a home, an inspection franchise and home selling franchise can be a big help. Additionally, whether looking to sell or buy, home owners can always use the assistance of a good painting franchise to get a fresh coat of paint on their walls.

From a practical standpoint, owning and operating a franchise in the construction and home improvement category can be no sweat…or at least, minimized sweat, thanks to the relative ease and support involved with these businesses. Many times these franchises are home office-based, requiring much lower investment and overhead than other types, not to mention greater work-life balance. Typically, owners aren’t the individuals doing the manual labor of the franchise, either – in most cases, they focus on running the business while employing a team of skilled pros to handle the hands-on work.

There’s the foundation of support and preceding brand awareness that many well-established franchises offer. Many construction and home improvement industry opportunities have robust technology systems in place to streamline scheduling, estimates, and operations. Strong marketing support for these franchises means that owners benefit from brand recognition and trust, as well as lead generation.

Growth potential with a construction franchise or home improvement franchise is significant, because they are highly scalable and in most cases, they are both residential and commercial customer based. In fact, some companies already have national accounts in place to help their franchisees grow the B2B side of their operations.

If you’re seeking a stable industry with the promise for long-term and continual growth, set your designs on a home improvement franchise or construction franchise.