Weight Loss Franchises

“You look so great, how did you do it?”

Weight loss Franchises are among the hottest opportunities in franchising today and are not likely to surrender that leadership position anytime soon. The $60+ billion US Weight Loss market encompasses everything from diet foods/meals and artificial sweeteners to weight loss plan books, videos, medical plans and surgery, weight loss centers and health clubs.  The market has evolved to address the core market drivers:

  • There are more than 108 million people in the United States currently trying to lose weight (ABC News)

  • 85% of people who are dieting or in weight loss programs are women

  • More than 50% of all Americans are on some sort of diet plan

  • 80% of Americans will try to lose weight on their own, 90 to 95% of these people will be unsuccessful

  • The Affordable Care Act includes a $1,625 Preventative Health Benefit that has strengthened the value proposition of medically supervised diet programs

The weight loss franchise business opportunity is simple:  Most people who are overweight want to change that, either to look more attractive or improve their health. They want to find the solution that works for them and is sustainable because they understand that health isn’t a onetime thing.

While appearance is an important motivator for many people who begin a weight loss journey, the elimination of health concerns is the bigger gain for clients. There are many health conditions that are caused by, or exacerbated by, excess weight.  The upside is that many of these conditions may improve or even go away when a person reaches a healthy weight. These are powerful motivators for people to find a resource to help them address it and compelling benefits that a weight loss franchisor can offer their members.

While successful weight loss franchises will not have the same clients forever, they gain referral sources to family members and friends, recurring revenue from clients that have incorporated meal supplements, and a growing group of success stories that market the brand every time they answer the question of “You look so great, how did you do it?”