Tutoring Franchises

“The conditions are right for tutoring franchises that help fill these educational gaps to thrive – and for you to be part of that success.”

here are many economic and educational factors driving the need for supplemental instruction services like those offered by tutoring franchises. Challenges of shrinking in-school resources are compounded by growing class sizes and college competition creating a situation where students need more personalized attention than ever. You can play an important part in fulfilling this need, while benefiting financially and personally, by investing in a tutoring franchise.

Sweeping budget cuts have spread teachers thin across larger classes and have required them to do more with inadequate educational materials. The fallout from this is significant: job satisfaction by teachers is at an all-time low and U.S. teenagers’ math, science and reading scores don’t even rank in the Top 15 among developed countries. Still, despite a weaker foundation, getting into a student’s college-of-choice has become increasingly competitive. A daunting fact given that 80 percent of jobs require a college degree.

What makes a good candidate for tutoring franchise ownership? A desire to impact the community in a positive way. Tutoring franchise owners do not necessarily need to have a teaching background because their role is to run the business, while the tutors they employ work directly with students. With many teachers looking for ways to supplement their income, there likely is a robust field of quality local instructors for franchisees to recruit from. In addition to hiring and managing a tutoring staff, the ability to effectively address feedback from parents will be important. As the franchise owner, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the business meets consumer expectations.

Besides the reward of making a difference in the lives of children, the tutoring franchisee realizes additional benefits related to work-life balance. Many tutoring franchises’ hours-of-operation are limited to after-school during the academic year, and some are not open on Fridays or the weekends.  Many are open throughout the summer to take advantage of parents who don’t want their children to experience a “summer slide” in academic skills, and to capitalize on teachers seeking employment during their off months. Even with a tutoring franchise that remains open in summer months, hours and days of operation are typically limited, allowing the franchisee time to enjoy the season.

Parents have always been willing to invest in their children’s success, but there are many compelling reasons that they’re increasingly turning to the services of a tutoring franchise. As a franchisee of a tutoring business, you can build a meaningful career addressing a meaningful need of your neighbors and their children.