Massage Franchises

“As more Americans are considering massage and incorporating it into their healthcare and fitness plans, savvy investors are opening massage franchises to meet the increasing call for calm.”

Hectic lifestyles and a greater emphasis on holistic health have contributed to the rise of the massage franchise.

Proof point: in July 2015, more than 51 million American adults (16 percent) had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the previous year.

Unlike many industries, health and wellness has proven to be relatively recession-proof. This could be due to the fact that many individuals place a high value on their wellbeing regardless of the economy, and it could also be because trying financial times create the stress that massage therapy can help alleviate. Whatever the statistics have shown is that the massage industry has not only maintained during times of economic disruption, but continued to grow.

While massage franchise opportunities are solid business ventures for practicing massage therapists, they are also well suited for the semi-passive investor who wants to run a business without being involved in day-to-day activity.  Consider the following:

  • The massage franchise is built on a simple business model, with low-to-no inventory, outside of therapeutic materials, so shop owners need not stress about perishable items or stolen merchandise

  • It’s a largely non-cash business, with monthly memberships generating recurring revenue streams

  • Many franchises only offer massage and other limited services. Therefore they enjoy low overhead costs and can often provide massage at highly competitive price points

  • Employees that love what they do, as a trained therapist is likely to work for you, they are simpler to train, manage and retain

Investors in massage franchise opportunities are able to leverage an established franchisor system that takes many of the kinks out of business ownership. Site location and build-out support, templated manuals and promotional materials, as well as technology and financial systems, will make many aspects of opening a massage franchise nearly turn-key and increase a franchisee’s chances of success.

With the franchisor tending to the tedious details, the massage franchise owner can deliver enhanced customer service and reinvest efforts and earnings into marketing and advertising.

Another way to think about the potential within the massage franchise space is to simply consider all of the people you know who could use a good massage!