Day Care Franchises

“If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of working with children, you could capitalize on this trend with day care franchise ownership.”

Today parents want their children in a safe environment and one that focuses on intellectual, physical and social enrichment. More parents are looking beyond in-home babysitters or nannies to child care centers that organize stimulating and educational activities.

There are other pragmatic factors driving growth in the day care franchise industry. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the under-5-years old population is projected to grow by 1.4 million over the next decade. The recession drove many day care centers out of business, and as the economy improves, the marketplace is still playing catch up. With both parents in dual-income households increasingly employed, the demand for day care is rising, but the supply of quality centers has not kept pace. The conditions are perfect for major opportunities within this category.

Marketplace research would be helpful in deciding what type of day care franchise would be most successful in your community. Either by talking to parents or going online to see what existing centers are saying about their services (as well as what customers are saying about those day care centers) will reveal what local day care gaps need to be filled. Do people report they want a drop-in option at a center? Or need transportation to be provided? Or do you find that not a single local center offers non-traditional hours? These are all clues regarding an unfilled marketplace need that certain day care franchises may be better suited to meet than others.

But why should you consider buying into a day care franchise when you could launch a day care business from your home? Rather than starting from square one, a franchisor will provide its franchisees many turn-key processes and resources to ensure the business’ success, including:

  • Structure. A pre-planned enrichment curriculum is a huge draw for many parents, and something that many progressive day franchises offer

  • Marketing support. A known day care “brand” offers the franchisee a level of recognition and reputation not possible with a start-up operation. While this will expedite marketing efforts, the franchisee will also likely have access to franchisor-developed marketing templates and best practices

  • Training and compliance guidance. A day care business is more tightly regulated than many other businesses, and a franchisor will assist with staff training and regulatory compliance requirements

The day care franchise is a vital resource, and the demand for quality child care is urgent and significant. This is a great franchise fit for investors who care both about the families in their communities and building a business with strong long-term potential.