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Why open a Pet Franchise

A Pet franchise can be a great opportunity for those who are passionate about animals.  It is an extremely fast growing and Stable Industry.  It’s recession resistant as pet owners see their furry friends as a major part of their family, and such, the products, and services they buy for them are necessity items.  Interestingly enough, studies show that more and more Millenials are choosing to have pets instead of children.

Different segments of the pet industry include pet washing and grooming, pet daycare and boarding, pet supplies, healthy pet food, dog walking, pet sitting, dog training, and even pet waste removal (don’t laugh it’s a serious business).  The best part is that there are franchise opportunities with proven systems in all of these segments.

The Pet industry as a whole has had explosive growth and is projected to continue grow steadily over the next several years.  Down below are some interesting statistics on the Pet Industry

  • 70% of US Households own at least 1 pet

  • 69 million U.S. households own at least one dog

  • Avg. household spends $1,132 per year on their pets

  • The Global Pet Industry is $222.9 Billion and expected to hit 325.7 Billion by 2028

  • The US market has a 40% share of the total Pet Industry

  • 69% of Millenials opt for their pets’ natural and organic products

  • 43% of dog owners and 43% of cat owners buy premium Products

In conclusion, if you are looking for a business in a growing, recession resistant industry and have a love of pets than we should talk.  You don’t need pet industry experience to get started, just a love of pets and the desire be in business for yourself.