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Facts About Franchise Funding

The dream of opening your own franchise, being your own boss, and creating your own path is an enticing one, but like the old adage clearly states…nothing in life is free.

There are a host of funding avenues available to the aspiring entrepreneur.  They run the gambit from borrowing against savings to institutional lending from banks, securities-backed financing, leasing options, leveraging your IRA or 401k plan or the friends and family route.  What you may be less familiar with are a number of financial institutions that have emerged in the last couple of decades purpose-built to provide funding to qualified entrepreneurs.

For most entrepreneurs, a blended approach leveraging more than one of the available avenues proves the route to success: Borrowing against savings, utilizing retirement options or cashing in stocks to cover living expenses while securing a loan to fund the major investments (real estate, build out, equipment, etc.) is a common path.

New lending programs combine federal Small Business Administration (SBA) loans with purpose-built programs from franchise lenders to unlock capital in days instead of weeks or even months with little equity investment or collateral from the entrepreneur.  Borrowers need to meet some basic requirements and have minimal cash reserves to cover living expenses, but the requirements are far from onerous and enable people to buy into franchise opportunities with a fraction of the capital that used to be required.

Contact us to learn more about thee funding options and the fine print and conditions that go along with them. Could this option be right for you?

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